Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency financial information. In recognition of the pizzas bought by Laszlo in May 2010 for 10,000 BTC.
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Pizza Charts provides financial information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (a.k.a. altcoins).


To make your experience as smooth as possible, the chart controls and elements have tooltips available, so just hover over them for a bit of explanation.

Page Layout

Values are labeled using letter suffixes. For example, thousands are labeled as 'K' and millis are labeled as 'm'. The possible labels are, in order: p, n, ยต, m, K, M, G, T. Lower case letters are for values below 1.0 and uppercase letters are for values of 1000 or greater.

Chart Settings


Tick Width

To easily change the number of pixels each tick takes, scroll while the cursor is positioned over the chart.

Tick Interval Size

To easily change the time interval represented by each tick, hold down any of the modifier keys (SHIFT, ALT, CONTROL, or COMMAND) and scroll while the cursor is positioned over the chart.

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